Color Pic

Color Pic Screen

A must have for webmasters is a free little software tool called ColorPic. This tool lets you select virtually any color from anywhere on your screen. This can be useful when you see a color you like, simply fire up the software and grab the color.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools. Google did a nice thing for webmasters by creating a handy tool to help track sites and also to upload your newly created sitemaps. Visit Google Webmaster Tools and sign up account, or use an existing Google account if you have one.

Site Maps


XML Sitemap? What in the world is that you might ask. Well not so long ago Google came out with a way for webmasters to tell Google about their pages. The most common way is to use an XML sitemap. How does it work? You create a sitemap, then tell Google where that sitemap is, […]