Musical Notes

How to display musical notes without images. (ASCII)

The quarter note: ♩ which is ♩

The eighth note: ♪ which is ♪

The single bar note: ♫ which is & #9835;

The double bar note: ♬ which is & #9836;


  1. says

    I have changed my Keyboard language, from Us English, to Us-Englsh-International.
    To avoid trying to memorize all these codes.

    And it is really cool, just press right ALT, and go thruogh the keyboard, from the numbers down, and you can get many of these ASCII characters, and with a combination of other keys, you can get some more.

    However, now my keyboard language doesn’t do all these musical notes characters.
    Anybody know how to do them in US-English-International???

      • Joe says

        Those characters should really be avoided. As CommunistPancake says, they are control characters. Which is a fancy way of saying you shouldn’t use them unless you know *exactly* what you are doing. (And even then you’ll likely never have a good reason to)

        Here is the wikipedia page on them if any of you people looking at funny ascii characters are actually interested in the technical reasons why you shouldn’t use some of them.

        To be fair though, These are non-printing characters and you would be fairly hard-pressed to manually put them on your computer in the first place. Unlike other ascii symbols, you can’t copy/paste these into most applications, making them difficult to both interact with and acquire in the first place.

  2. says

    This is a very useful tip. I have been using musical notes in some work lately, just as decorations, but I have been using graphics. Being able to simply use ASCII keeps my work much smaller and simpler!

  3. says

    A bit of pendanticness: these characters aren’t ASCII, they are Unicode. ASCII ( ) is oldskool and doesn’t include all that many characters. Unicode, on the other hand, has all sorts of cool stuff like ? and ?, as well as practical stuff like Japanese, Chinese, Cyrilic, musical symbols and mathematical symbols.

  4. salena says

    Im trying all these and none of them work!!! Im on a laptop, can someone please HELP me!! I just want to be able to do the music notes!! Thankx!

  5. CallMeCal says

    OR you can just bookmark this page and copy/paste them from above. Works especially well if you’re on a Mac and thus have no “Alt” key.

  6. X-me says

    If you use the Character Map in your All programs/Accessories/System tools, some of these can be found there. As well as a host of others, such as methmatical symbols, foreign characters, etc.

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