GoDaddy Certificate Seal Spam

I noticed a Go Daddy SSL Certificate seal on a website and below the seal it says “Fax to Email”, this seems odd.. The link is from GoDaddy trying to sell a fax thru email plan. That is one way to gain links… I suspect most users of these “seals” don’t even know they are […]

How to noindex the https version of your pages

Your site has SSL enabled so each page can be http OR https. How to you avoid having duplicate content?

Twenty Ten Child Theme – Calming 2010

A nice and clean theme that works with the built-in WordPress theme Twenty Ten. Calming 2010 is a simple easy to read theme that will work will with many types of sites. Download Calming 2010 Theme Example Site using Calming 2010 Child Theme

Google Hacker Page

0|\/|G |-|4xx0|2 !!!!111 Check out the Google Hacker version of their pages!

Solved: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration

If you get an error similar to: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration on 1and1, create a blank file called php.ini, and place the following line in the file. allow_url_fopen = ON then upload the file to the root folder of the domain, and it should solve the problem.

Cuil Shuts Down?

It appears the one time rising search engine Cuil is offline and not coming back online. The search engine was released on high hopes to overtake Google. But such an ambitious goal does not come by easily. Cuil came across to many as overly arrogant immediately claiming they there were better than Google and would […]

Restore the WordPress Admin Menu

You are working in WordPress, suddenly you click and you menu on the left has shrunk! Ahh what happened. A small line with an arrow will shrink and expand this left hand menu when clicked. Simply click it again to restore the menu to its full size.

Redirect directory and contents using htaccess

How to redirect an entire directory and all internal files using the htaccess file.

Twenty Ten and Featured Content Gallery

How to integrate the Featured Content Gallery plugin with the Twenty Ten theme from Word Press.

Frugal/Catalyst Theme Review

No more wasting my time searching for the right theme to use. I have found the end-all theme that is now my go-to theme for whichever flavor site I am building. I am sure many of you follow the same process I would follow when starting a new website. 1. Have an idea for a […]

MySQL Query on timestamp using PHP

In this example I had to create a query only to display orders for the last 90 days. The orders table is using a standard MySQL timestamp field to store the date of the order. I made timestamp indexed since we will be doing this query against this field. I figured the easiest way was […]

CubeCart 5 Beta

When we opened our e-commerce store almost 2 years ago I spent a lot of time researching shopping cart software. Now I knew this would be both an important decision. Shopping cart software is a major influence on the success (or failure) of any e-commerce website.