Secure Contact Form to Prevent Spam

contact form

If you are looking for a secure and reliable contact form for your website. Please check out The emphases here is on secure, many times these scripts are terribly exploited by spammers, this one seems to be well done. I use this very form on many sites, and it works fabulously. Here is a […]

Prevent Hotlinking from Specific Sites Only


You want to prevent hot-linking. But not ALL websites. Sometimes you don’t mind if someone hotlinks from a forum or a review about your product, etc. However there are those that you DO want to block. You can use the code below and place it into your htaccess file. I placed the code in the […]

Paid Ad? Don’t forget to remove after it expires!

Here is some quick php code to help with paid ads. If you have a paid ad on your site with a set expiration date, it can be hard to remember to remove the ad after the expiration date. Thus giving the advertiser free advertising. Here is some quick code to put in place when […]